About Us

UNT's Wellness and Employment Learning Lab (UNTWELL) was created in 2016 to provide sevices for students to assist them with their personal and/or academic goals through programs such as the Collegiate Recovery Program and Tuesday Night Flight. UNTWELL also provides hands on learning opportunities for students within the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services. In the Spring of 2017, the UNTWELL Wellness Clinic opened to provide counseling, vocational and adjunctive therapy services to students and community members. Clients are seen by faculty-supervised counselor trainees from the Rehabilitation Counseling Master's Program which allows the clinic to offer no-cost services to students.


Our mission is to promote the overall growth and development of our clients, both with and without disabilities. Our services are rooted in attending to personal characteristics, multicultural identities, vocational exploration, interpersonal competencies, and psychosocial adjustment to disability. Our service providers value the whole person and help our clients optimize their strengths and abilities while adjusting to limitations. 


We will empower our clients to benefit from and maximize their overall psychosocial functioning. Through holistic individual and group counseling, Personal Social Adjustment Training, and Vocational Evaluations, individuals may come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential. We will strive to collaborate with our clients in helping them achieve their personal goals.

Diversity Statement

UNTWELL Clinic affirms its commitment to providing a clinic which is equitable and inclusive. This means that in all aspects of its operations and at all levels of the organization, UNTWELL Clinic works to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of, but not limited to, ethnicity, language, race, age, ability, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, family status, income, immigrant or refugee status, nationality, place of birth, generational status, political or religious affiliation.

UNTWELL Clinic further recognizes that the increasing diversity among residents in Denton has added cultural, social and economic benefits to our community. It is also sensitive to the fact that oppressed groups, including individuals with disabilities, experience marginalization and encounter barriers to full access and participation in the community. UNTWELL Clinic seeks to increase access and participation for such individuals.